E1-Thai Cooking school Day Time:09.30-16.00pm./evening time:16.00-19.00p.m.

Day Time  and evening time , Thai cooking class. Want to add one choice Thai menu to your table? Selected menu follow menu  list at school.

Price:  Price per person

Morning Time: 09.30-16.00 Evening Time: 16.00-19.00

2 persons  @1,950B 2 persons up @1,500B

3 persons up @1,900B 3 persons up @1,400B

4 persons up or more @1,800B 4 persons or more @1,300B

(*Included in price: Private van, English tour guide, class fee, travel  insurance)

*For those who wish to enjoy Northern Thai cuisine, we will inform you by adding 1,000 baht per extra menu fee.

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