E17- Baan Pa tan Cultural community

-Arrived Patan Temple, Pay respect to main buddha

-Pay respect Pra Singh buddha

-Visit Lanna lantern tunnel

-Visit Chao yeong Museum

-Visit ancient sa paper, Palm leaf

-Visit colorful Tung tunnel

-Visit cotton weaving, Sarong Tai Yeong style

-Break for lunch

-Work shop activities (Choose 3 choices from list)

*Lanna lantern

*Herbal ball

*Colorful tung paper

*Northern thai food cooking

*Bamboo weaving Snake shape (finger lock)

*Flod a bouquet of pandon leaves

-Visit Ancient house, See antiques

-Visit bamboo bridge in the middle of the paddy rice field

-Save trip with good memories

Tour Price: Price Charge Per 1 Person

Full Day: 2Paxs @3,250B / 3Paxs @3,200B / 4Paxs @2,800B

Inc : Car&Guide, Local guide, lunch northern thai menu, Duration for temple, teacher, insurance)

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